Small Group Fitness

Unique Physique offers workouts for everyone: intensive cardio training, mobility and stretching exercises or outdoor activities. Become part of a motivating small group and enjoy individual support.

Personal Training

One-on-one personal training perfectly suited to your needs, your goals, your preferences, your body! Together we set up a training schedule that fits into your daily routine and budget.

Food Coaching

A healthy diet according to your own taste. Looking for a nutrition plan? Want to find inspiration and try new recipes? Need some dietary advice? Unique Physique supports you on your way to a healthy lifestyle.

My black belt, numerous championships, but mostly the experience to push and rise above my limits every day, in training and in real life, have shown me that with ambition, discipline and a strong will
I can achieve anything.

I believe that somewhere deep within, every woman has this power. Sometimes, it just takes a Ring Gong or somebody who helps her to find her own strength and to make her dreams come true. I’ve made this experience myself and want to share it.

Aline Founder of Unique Physique, kickboxer and personal trainer

Movement for women who move!



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