Morning Run

Running shoes - couch - running shoes - couch... Aaaand couch wins! Again... But why? - Well, I can't tell you that. BUT since I've had my own share of lost battles against the comfy couch, I've created a training program to convince even the laziest couch potato to get their lazy ass up and out there. This workout combines mobility and strength exercises and turns your running routine into an effective complete body workout. Recharge your batteries, free your mind and let Hamburg's wind blow away your worries.

The Morning Run is a 60 minutes energy boost for your body and mind! At least as effective as a workout in the gym, but a hundred times more beautiful. Hamburg's scenic Volkspark in Bahrenfeld offers plenty of natural training devices: park benches, stairs, trees, playgrounds, walls and whatever crosses our path. In this creative outdoor gym you'll get a completely new perception of your environment.
Join us for a run, get inspired and see how you feel.

Running can be so much fun:

functional strengthening exercises that are easy on the joints

motivating small groups of 3-8 participants

it doesn't take away much of your time, but guarantees considerable training progress

optimized fat burning

improve mobility and prevent injuries through specific exercises

improve your stamina and general fitness

Training sessions: Mondays 8:00 a.m.